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Arvind's letter to Prime Minister on Power Crisis

Arvind Kejriwal has written to Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi on the power situation in Delhi and some actions that need to be taken to bring relief to the people of Delhi. He has also requested time for a short meetng with him on this issue. Full text of the letter is provided here.  Read More

Central govt not serious in solving Delhi power crisis

The response of the union power minister Mr Piyush Goyal on the current power crisis in Delhi is deeply disappointing and full of contradictions.  It is extremely unfortunate that the BJP’s central government has decided to indulge in a political blame-game instead of showing the much needed emergency response to deal with the alarming situation.

  • It took 10 days for the Central Govt. to wake up to the issue of transmission lines destroyed by the storms? 
  • Even now, no accountability has been fixed for the delay in fixing the problem
  • Why should action not be taken against the discoms who are responsible for distribution?  

AAP's resolution on the new BJP lead government

The National Executive concluded its three day meeting today (June 8th) and adopted the following resolution on the new government. Congratulating the Narendra Modi lead BJP government, AAP urged the central govt. to look at a diverse set of issues. Specifically, AAP urged the Central Govt. which controls the state of Delhi presently to immediately take steps to resolve the electricty issues faced by the people of Delhi. The full text of the resolution is below.  Read More

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