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election 2014

AAP think tank Yadav active in Haryana for decade

Dec 31, 2013, 04.20AM IST

Times Of India

CHANDIGARH: A decade after the formation of Sampooran Kranti Manch in Haryana, Yogendra Yadav - a known psephologist - has emerged as the face of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the state. Yadav, 50, is now a possible chief ministerial candidate of AAP for the 2014 assembly polls in Haryana, indicated sources in the party on Monday. Read More

'आप' का असरः कश्मीर में भी बदलाव की बयार

रविवार, 29 दिसंबर, 2013


पूरे देश की तरह जम्मू-कश्मीर में भी अगले साल होने वाले लोकसभा चुनावों की तैयारियां चल रही हैं. लोकसभा चुनावों के बाद राज्य में विधानसभा चुनाव भी होने हैं. इसलिए राज्य के लिए 2014 चुनावी साल है. Read More

Aam Admi Party eyes the socialists for political gain in Maharashtra

Headlines Today  |   Mumbai, December 18, 2013 | UPDATED 04:31 IST

After a remarkable performance in Delhi, the Mumbai office of Aam Adami Party (AAP) is now flooded with calls about membership procedure from those who want to be a part of it. Enthusiastic callers - students, youngsters from service sector, upper middle class people who want to do 'something' for society. But the party is consciously trying to get the activist in.

Need changes to ground rules before 2014 election

The display of public discontent with our political class began with the Anna movement in August of 2011 for the Lokpal. After deeply concerned citizens hit the streets across the country and Jantar Mantar in Delhi, our parliamentarians unanimously signed a resolution to end the impasse. Almost two years have gone by. The resolution is now forgotten. A ghost of the Lokpal bill is doing the rounds of parliamentary committees today. As things stand now, the Lokpal bill is dead for all practical purposes. “Mission Accomplished,” as far as our political class is concerned.  Read More

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