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E-Rickshaws - Why does AAP stand with them?

Here is why E-Rickshaws are important. Their advantages range from economics, efficiency and most importantly, environmental friendliness. 

1. Being battery operated, they produce no pollutants and hence are very eco-friendly. 

2. Cost effective for passengers

3. They reduce the country’s dependance of foreign oil and hence the ability to reduce the oil import burden of the country. 

4. Has one of the highest passenger to vehicle size ratio. This means, that is congested cities, these E-Rickshwas can become the most effective mode of public transport

5. Since they are relatively inexpensive, lots of people can be incentivised to own & operate these. They thus provide for a strong case of public/private cooperation in the area of public transport

Aam Aadmi Party respects the court’s order to ban them in the absence of any clear policy or regulation. It believes that the solution, therefore, lies in framing clear, practical policies for e_Rickshaws so that the court can lift the ban on these and they become a safe, efficient and most importantly, an environment friendly mechanism of public transport.  Read More

E-rickshaws : Centre's delay in framing rules is snatching away the livelihood of poor

E-rickshaws have emerged as an energy efficient, non-polluting, slow moving, economical and easily maneuverable mode of public transport, due to their small size and provide excellent last-mile connectivity for metro and bus users.

They are more humane than traditional cycle rickshaws and environment-friendly. More than 3.5 lakh families through the operation of over two lakh e-rickshaws in multiple shifts are dependent on them for their livelihood.


Despite the many positive aspects and its necessity for lakhs of families in Delhi, successive governments have switched their stand on e-rickshaws and have failed to frame a clear policy guideline, creating havoc in the lives of the common man in Delhi.


The AAP stands by the e-rickshaw drivers and their families and pledges to ensure that their interests and rights are protected.  Read More

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